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Lifing is a card game with some roguelke mechanics, explore planet, fight bad guys, improve deck and ship, repeat.

The release date is set to the second half of 2019, initially only for the PC (I'll add platforms depending players' requests). 

Start a new campaign by selecting a hero.
Each one has a different starting deck, guardian and spaceship layout.
There will be at least 8 heroes available at launch.
You'll need to unlocked some of them by completing campaign secret quests.

Explore planets with different biomes, in a golf like way.
There's a bonus buff or nerf to your deck if you "hole in one" or miss a shot on target.
A distance counter tells you how far you're from your objective (planet boss).


After successfully landing on an island, you’ll have to: 
-Fight a boss/mini boss (they have a deck too with creatures, structures and abilities). 
-Fight a small horde of wild creatures (buffed and peaceful, hostile when attacked). 
-Special loot levels (grab as much loot boxes as you can). 
-Shop (spend gold to buy cards). 
-Secret island (small island, hard to land, with special items and/or side quests)


Pick the best route to explore the galaxy.
All planets have different biomes and creatures.
You should pick the planet that your deck can most easily adapt.
Creatures can only be played on the terrain type (biomes) represented on the top right corner of the card.
Biomes are easily identified by their color.
Grassland, desert, snow and sea are the only biomes on the demo, there’ll be about 8 on the final version.


What do loot boxes contain?
Depending on the tier you can get: Deck cards, ship upgrades, deck modifiers and gold.


You can modify any card on your deck by combining one modifier deck with it.
Keep in mind that most modifiers include bad outcomes.


Depending on your initial hero picked your spaceship contains a grid like colored layout.
By inserting special card upgrades into your spaceship, respecting space and color, you can improve your deck and navigation experience.


LifingDemo.zip 20 MB

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